The mission of the Air Mobility Command Telephone Operations Consolidated
Call Center (AMC TOCCC) at Travis Air Force Base is to provide telephone
services for Air Mobility Command to include: base information queries,
military base locator, dialing assistance for overseas calling and paging, and
conference calling.

The AMC TOCCC also extends calls from the 1-800 number used specifically
for Travis AFB personnel to base extensions only. The AMC TOCCC operators
also extend assistance in dialing long distance commercial calls for
Geographically Separated Units (GSU).  

Support is provided to 15EMTF commander and staff, 60 AMW, 60MSG, 60 OG,
60 MDG,TENANT Units, and their staff.  The AMC TOCCC operators give
cellular to cellular service and keep track on a status board of the key
personnel when on the move or in office.  

The AMC TOCCC also provides spouses with morale calls to family members
at deployed locations.  The AMC TOCCC at Travis Air Force Base is the
Gateway to the Pacific for other bases to call for overseas Defense Switched
Network (DSN) assistance.
Travis AFB Switchboard Operations
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