INTAKE:  The SDS Job Developer meets with each individual to conduct
an intake interview to obtain information about the prospective
employee’s job preferences, job skills, and personal living needs.  
Intake interviews are conducted and job development plans are
subsequently created.

For referred individuals who do not meet our acceptance criteria will be
referred back to their Service Coordinator at NBRC or Counselor at the
Department of Rehabilitation for alternative employment options.

NBRC clients will be referred to the
NBRC Transition-to-Work Program

JOB DEVELOPMENT:  SDS provides a wide range of job development
services.   Prospective employees learn to prepare resumes, role-play
interviews, and learn to make appointments and follow through with
meetings.  Support is provided to develop effective communication
skills and self-help skills which are important components of working
with others and obtaining employment.

JOB PLACEMENT:  SDS works closely with the local business network
to identify job openings and placement strategies. SDS assists
qualified applicants through the application and interviewing process.   
SDS administrative staff interface with employers throughout all the
employment stages to ensure that people are appropriately placed in
job positions. In addition, SDS provides opportunities within the
organization through supervised workcrews.

JOB TRAINING:  After a person is placed in a job, SDS provides
intensive job  training.   Follow-along support (job coaching) is also
provided at employment sites after the initial training phase.   As a
person adjusts to his or her job, on-site support fades but still occurs
periodically to ensure long-term job retention along with customer
SDS Individual Placement Process