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Developing Life Skills Imperative for Community Integration
Located in the cities of Vallejo and Fairfield, SDS implements a dynamic Day
Training Program that supports the development of functional life skills for
individuals with disabilities.   Through effective instruction and individual
attention, SDS helps individuals develop personal and functional skills to help
them become integrated into their community.

SDS’s Day Training Program offers alternative and innovative strategies to
ensure that each participant receives both individual and group attention in
environments that support positive learning and personal growth.

All SDS Day Training Program Staff are PROACT (Professional Assault Crisis
Training), First Aid, and CPR certified.

Functional Skill Development:

Participants receive training and  assistance in developing basic
communication and  personal Interaction skills.

Positive Behaviorial Support:  Program Participants learn sound social,   
workplace, and effective problem-solving skills.

Community Integration:
SDS offers program  participants a  variety of community integrated activities
that include community college classes, field trips,  as well as local recreation
and leisure activities.

Program Participants are provided paid work in group employment
opportunities that include recycling, janitorial, landscaping, and restaurant

Employers We Serve:  (A Partial List)
Chevy’s Restaurant-Vallejo
Valcore Recycling-Vallejo
Wheeler Printing-Vallejo

Sol Trans-Vallejo
SDS Day Training Services
Diversified Training and Employment Services for People with
Disabilities Since 1981