SDS was founded in 1981 to address the growing need for a community-
based organization to develop and implement a full continuum of functional
skill development, employment placement, and job training services for
persons with disabilities in Solano County. Since that time, the organization’
s growth has been steady, with the first wages paid to program participants
in 1983.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding began in 1983 and
continued for 10 subsequent years. SDS received Department of
Rehabilitation certification in 1986. A 1987 grant from the Office of Special
Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) enabled SDS to initiate
supported employment services.

In 1991, SDS broadened its scope to begin serving people with psychiatric

United Way Partnership status was obtained in 1993 and SDS’s first three-
year accreditation for supported employment was awarded through the
Rehabilitation Accreditation
Commission (CARF).

During SDS’s t
hree decades of service, the organization has succeeded in
developing a comprehensive range of support services to ensure that
individuals with disabilities can access the necessary resources to live
more independently.

As Solano County has experienced dramatic business growth throughout
the past 35 years, SDS has made a remarkable contribution to this growing

Since its inception, the organization has placed individuals in a range of
employment positions within numerous retail, fast food and restaurant,
janitorial, grocery, recycling, and landscape and maintenance business
sectors. Employment opportunities have also been provided to individuals
participating in SDS’s Day Training Programs in Vallejo and Fairfield.

Services We Provide:

- SDS Day Training Program

- SDS Employment

- SDS Transportation
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