SDS Employment, a division of Solano Diversified Services, is a supported
employment program whose purpose is to integrate persons with
developmental or psychiatric disabilities into jobs in the community.  SDS
Employment  provides services to people who have limited job and
independent living skills.  Our goal is to enable workers with developmental
or psychiatric disabilities to become more productive, contributing members
of our community while meeting the needs of the various Solano County
businesses.  In order to facilitate integration, SDS Employment will ensure
optimal integration by limiting the number of SDS Employment workers to
25% of the work force or no more than 4 workers per job site.

Admission Criteria
SDS Employment seeks to provide high quality employment services to
persons with developmental or psychiatric disabilities.  Each application will
be reviewed and assessed for services individually.  Therefore, admission
criteria will be kept to a minimum to reduce the possibility of inadvertently
screening out applicants:
1.        Must be a Regional Center client (if developmental disability)
2.        Must be eligible for Department of Rehabilitation Supported
Employment Services.
3.        Must be at least 18 years of age.
4.        Must be able to show proof of U.S. Citizenship.
5.        Applicant need not possess specific work skills, but must
demonstrate a willingness to work in the community.
6.        Workcrew and enclave workers must be ambulatory.
7.        Individual Placement workers may be non-ambulatory.

Exit Criteria
1.        Individual does not want any more services from SDS Employment.
2.        Individual does not want to work anymore.
3.        Individual obtains a job where he/she does not need any support from
SDS Employment.
4.        Any individual bringing a weapon, alcohol or drugs on site; or commits
acts of theft or serious violence; continuously puts self or others in harmful
situations, may be discontinued.

SDS Employment offers workcrews and enclaves.  Up to Four people are
employed in each workcrew or enclave in the areas of ground
maintenance/landscaping, janitorial, food service, and light industrial.  
Individuals in workcrews and enclaves receive ongoing training, support and
supervision 100% of the time while working.  In addition, SDS Employment
provides training which results in the participation of social activities related
to work.  Transportation is provided for workcrew and enclave workers to and
from their jobs.

SDS Employment also places people in individual job placement in the
community.  A job match is made taking the individual’s strengths and
needs into consideration.  An SDS Employment staff member is available to
train workers on the job and to provide ongoing support/followup services
(including travel training, assistance with social security issues, work
adjustment, and participating in social activities related to work).  Travel
training services to and from the job are available utilizing existing
transportation options which promote optimal integration (i.e. carpools).
SDS Employment
Program Statement
Diversified Training and Employment Services for People with Disabilities
Since 1981