Now in its 30th year, SDS has developed an exemplary model in
community-inclusion services for people with disabilities. SDS provides a
full spectrum of services and support for people with behavioral challenges
through its Day Training Programs. A comprehensive range of job placement
and training services are provided.
Through SDS’s programs, Solano County’s business base has become more
diverse. By opening its doors to SDS’s services, the county’s
corporate sector is gaining workers that are dedicated to their jobs, well trained,
and supervised to become long-term employees. This provides Solano County
businesses a committed workforce.

Subsequently, many employers have saved considerable expenses by avoiding
high staff turnover and costs associated with staff recruitment and training.
Moreover, an outstanding model has been created for other communities to

SDS has worked tirelessly to promote independence and self-sufficiency for
people with disabilities.

Below is a list of SDS’s milestones:
  • In September of 1981, Louis Chiofalo, SDS’s founder, was awarded a
    start-up grant to establish Solano Developmental Services, Inc.
  • In 1983 the first working wage was paid to an SDS program participant.
  • 1984–1985, SDS was awarded its first Community Development Block
    Grant to establish a landscaping business that employed persons with
    disabilities. The grant funded working crews to provide free landscape
    and maintenance services to Vallejo’s low-to-moderate income
    residents, including the senior community.
  • In July of 1988, after years of community support, SDS expanded its
    administrative and employment offices in Vallejo.
  • In July of 1989, SDS received the National Association of Housing and
    Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) Merit Award for its landscaping
  • In October of 1989, SDS received the NAHRO National Agency Award of
    Excellence in Program Innovation at a national conference in Seattle.
  • In March of 1991, SDS was awarded its first accreditation (1 year)  by
    CARF for supported employment.
  • In June of 1993, SDS was awarded its first 3 year accreditation by CARF
    for supported employment
  • In 1994, Solano Landscaping and Maintenance contracts totaled
    $20,652 for the year, a significant jump from the previous year’s total.
  • In June of 1995, SDS was awarded a United Way Community fund
    grant of $7,125 to provide services and support to people with
    psychiatric disabilities.
  • In June of 1996, SDS was awarded its second 3 year accreditation by
    CARF for supported employment
  • In March of 1997, Freddie Jenkins, a supported employee, went to
    Washington, D.C. accompanied by SDS’s CEO, Louis Chiofalo and met
    with Congressman George Miller as part of a grass roots advocacy
    training program.
  • In May of 1997, Solano Developmental Services changed its name to
    Solano Diversified Services.
  • In June of 1997, SDS opened a Day Training Program in Fairfield,
    expanding its geographic scope of services.
  • In March of 1998, SDS became a subcontractor to provide landscaping
    services at Travis Air Force Base.
  • In June 1999, SDS was awarded its third 3 year accreditation by CARF
    for supported employment
  • As of July 2001, SDS serves over 100 people with disabilities in its
    training and employment programs. Individuals placed in group
    employment average $5.51 per hour. People placed individually at jobs
    sites earn an average of $6.76 per hour.
  • In 2002, SDS was awarded the Travis Air Force Base Telephone
    Switchboard Operations contract through NIB (formerly known as
    National Industries for the Blind).
  • In June of 2002, SDS was awarded its fourth 3 year accreditation by
    CARF for supported employment
  • In July 2004, SDS tripled the number of employees supported by its job
    coaching services
  • In June 2005, SDS was awarded its fifth 3 year accreditation by CARF for
    supported employment
  • In July 2005, SDS started its first production crew at the Clorox Products
    Manufacturing plant in Fairfield, CA. Later, a second crew was added.
  • In July 2006, SDS began its Litter Abatement contract with Caltrans. 3
    mobile crews were responsible for the Solano, Napa, Marin, and
    Sonoma counties.
  • December 7, 2006: SDS had its 25th Anniversary Dinner Celebration
  • In June 2007, SDS began its partnership with Meyer Corporation by
    providing a production work crew in a pilot program. Two months later
    another workcrew was added.
  • May 2008, Caltrans renewed Litter Abatement contract which will allow
    the addition of 1 additional work crew for a total of 3 full-time crews
  • May 2009, SDS was awarded the landscape maintenance for the  
    Solano Town Center in Fairfield; its biggest landscape contract to date.
SDS Milestones and Highlights
Diversified Training and Employment Services for People with